Secondaire à Montréal-Nord - MONTREAL - CANADA

Secondaire à Montréal-Nord - MONTREAL - CANADA

The architectural concept employed for this building utilizes cutting-edge design and engineering techniques to ensure optimal firefighting coordination and effective clash resolution. The focus is on creating a safe environment for individuals to learn, educate, and explore their skills. The design integrates the latest in passive fire protection measures, ensuring a building that is capable of withstanding fire outbreaks, and minimizing damage to the structure itself. The interior spaces are thoughtfully arranged to enhance educational experiences, while still ensuring the safety of occupants. With seamless coordination capabilities and advanced technology, this building is poised to be a leader in innovative design, promoting a healthy and safe environment for all its occupants.


Client  : Extincto Specialists

Area    : 27500 SQ.M

Scope : Firefighting coordination and clash resolution RDJ

Year     : Ongoing


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